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Frequently Asked Questions

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Exhibit Show Pieces:
We have three beautiful show pieces available for exhibition in your establishment (party or event). For more information e-Mail Bullet Press and provide:
  • The name, and address of the location
  • A brief description of the area where the portraits will be displayed

Requirements on the area of placement:

  • Free from the roaming sticky fingers of children & festive spraying of champagne (museum glass is damaged by skin oils and other liquids, etc.).
  • Large enough to accommodate portrait(s). Each portrait in frame is 12"x15", plus a 5"x7" framed plaque (total of four pieces).
  • Pieces must be securely anchored to the wall or hung on picture wire

Photo-shoot Accessories:
It's highly recommended to wear sunglasses when your photo is taken for a portrait. Additionally, if you are fair-haired, a hat.

Waiting Lists:
There are two, in order of priority: Click Here
  • Giclee Waiting List. Your picture has been taken and you've put a $50 deposit down on a giclee (100% refundable if you are not pleased with the finished portrait). e-Mail Bullet Press if you would like to make make arrangements to get on this list.
  • General Waiting List. Your picture has been taken for a portrait. These portraits are done in chronological order based on the date your picture was taken. Portraits on this waiting list take a back seat to the Giclee Waiting List.

Q: Why do I look freaky?

A: Because this art form is Figurative-Impressionism.

Figurative: Representing by means of a figure or symbol; not in its usual or exact sense; metaphorical.

Impression: an effect produced on the mind; a vague notion; an amusing impersonation; mimicking.

In other words: The artist's forte is not realism.

Q: Why can't I buy the original?

A: The original portrait is not light-safe.
Prismacolor pencils & jet ink are not light-safe and will fade when exposed to ultraviolet light. Whereas the giclee copy of the orignial is 7-square inches larger, done with archival inks, papers, canvas, and will not fade (pretty much ever). According to industry experts, 100-years.